cassandra clare and things you probably don’t know but should

Okay, everyone, gather around. It’s time for some schooling on the Harry Potter Fandom and some of the greatest fandom wank in its history (and considering that this is the HP fandom, that’s saying something). With the release of the City of Bones trailer, there’s been a whole lot of The Mortal Instruments on my dash, and consequently, Cassandra Clare. Now a bit of a disclaimer, I’m not trying to change anyone’s opinion on Clare’s work. If you like TMI or any of her other series, then that’s perfectly fine, and it in no way makes you a bad person or wrong. But with the recent deletion of a lot of the Cassandra Claire fandom wank pages, I feel like before people give her another dime, they need to be informed or refreshed on all the crap she has pulled as a BNF in the HP fandom.


The first thing you need to be aware of is the plagiarism scandal. For that I’d like to direct you to this link:

I wrote it in a tag a few days ago, but the problem with the TMI series isn’t that it’s based on a fanfic, but that it’s based on a fanfic that was about 90% plagiarized. CC was hailed for all her clever dialogue and how original she was with The Draco Trilogy. The problem was that all those witty one-liners probably came from someone else. She would give really vague disclaimers that led the reader to believe that most of the writing was original with just an idea borrowed or one line used when in reality it was entire paragraphs and entire conversations that were being copied with either no or very little change to the original source.  I know the post I linked is long, and I really recommend reading the whole thing, but if you really just want the cliff notes version, check out the last section that has a bunch of CC’s writing matched against the original source.


For someone who was praised for a post on cyberbullying (read here:, and ho boy will I be getting back to this little bit of bull shit later), she seems to have conveniently forgotten some of the crap she pulled back in her fandom days. Bullying that included having her lawyer pal threaten anyone who dare call her out on the plagiarism, calling the police on people who disagreed with her, TRYING TO GET A GIRL KICKED OUT OF HER UNIVERSITY, and just a lot of her “fans” harassing others with death threats and such. And even with all that, I’m sure I’m leaving out some other notable details. Unfortunately, I can’t give you sources to everything because like I said, a lot pages have been removed recently, but here are some related links:

And I know some of you are sitting there thinking, “But come on, all that happened over ten years ago. Everyone has done their fair share of stupid things when it comes to fandom. People mature, and everyone should just get over it.” Which okay, fine. A very valid point.  Except I’d like to direct you to some recent events:

Twitter Exchanges

There were two notable twitter exchanges between CC and fans that I can recall. The first happened about a month ago. A girl tweeted CC an article (this article specifically: that called her out on all her fandom days bull shit. Now, I’ve read the article (and while at times I feel it misses the point, I highly recommend reading it as well), and it’s a very mature and well thought out opinion piece. But it was an opinion piece that painted her in a bad light (an also very true light, but whatever), so CC cried hate and allowed her minions to attack the girl and emotionally fuck with her until she felt so terrible she blamed herself for everything and deleted her twitter. You can see a the tweets and a rundown of what happened here:

The second incident happened about a week ago after one of her books was released. A lot of fans were dissatisfied by the ending and dared to express this opinion on twitter. CC didn’t take too kindly to the criticism. And on a personal note, as a member of the HP fandom and more specifically the HHr fandom, nothing gets my blood boiling faster (with maybe the exception of “delusional” getting thrown around lol) is when an author tries to exercise authorial intent, so these interactions really got under my skin. Once again, here’s the tweets and rundown:

Anti-Bullying Post

First off, L-O-fucking-L because really now. I almost can’t handle the complete and total hypocrisy this piece is reeked in. But other than that, I don’t want to dig too deep into the events surrounding it. Mostly, because the “hate” blog that Clare was believed to be talking about has been deleted, so I can’t really verify the content of their blog. But from the digging I did do, it appears that they were posting evidence of her past plagiarism and that was the reason they were shut down (just like how all the fandom wank pages are “mysteriously” being deleted hmm), but I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. You can find their rebuttal to CC’s post (which I linked above) here:

And here are some links of another person the CC post was believed to include:

She tried to call out CC on the way she would romanticize incest and the insensitivity and unrealistic way she handled a rape scene. I would like to note that I have not read the TMI series so I don’t know if her concerns are valid. The point of these links is the way CC responded to the criticism. 

And that concludes our little history lesson, and I think the main point I’m trying to make is that it’s cool to like her work but don’t be a blind stan because Cassandra Clare is kind of a shitty douchebag who has done a lot of shitty douchebag things. 

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